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Leave Ordinary Behind, even if it’s just for the choice of a birthday cake

7 Nov

We prepared a surprise on Mr. Lee’s birthday a couple of days ago. Singing the birthday song, we came down the staircase of Fibonacci and Golden Ratio with an inspiring cake on our hands. Unlike any birthday cake you may have in mind, this one does not look like the traditional buttery and creamy birthday cake at all. Instead, it is moulded into the shape of a tortoise – the sharp witted animal appeared often in Zeno’s paradoxes! The visual texture of the cake looks like anything but cream. Ms Persis thought that was a ‘pandan cake’ initially.

We shared the joy with everyone around, even the mathematicians on our classroom doors seemed to be in an upbeat mood! Every child is curious and we as adult should remain so.

No child is ordinary.

Leaving the ordinary behind shall be our nature! Yeah!