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Teachers’ Party on 7 Oct 2011

18 Oct

It was a joyful Friday!

After an intense morning at Math Hub’s centralised Teachers’ Workshop, the core management team and a few trainers from other centres were invited to Math Arena for a feast!

Our very own in-house “celebrity” chef, Aunty Doris, gave us a quasi-gourmet experience with the finest home-cooked food. She brought out the full aroma in her simmered curry chicken with potatoes. By the way, Miss Fan ate at least three bowls full of the spice-filled stuff and her faint “curry-moustache” proved it was that lip-smacking good! The sambal sotong served atop the warm baked bread was simply irresistible for everyone. The next highlight — deluxe steamed mock abalone served warm on a bed of broccoli, was not only rich in texture but also a visually delightful art piece with its mix of colours. Also on the food team, our quiet but wonderful Shu Hua put on table the staple fried bee hoon and a delicious fruit platter, Simple and Yummy! Continue reading