Math Olympiad Competition Manual Book 2

22 Sep

Maths Olympiad Competition Manual is a series of three books written to introduce Mathematical Olympiad to young children and engage their interests in Mathematics at an early age. This is the second book of the series for children aged 9 to 10. The topics discussed in this book are carefully chosen by our experienced Olympiad trainers from MSO Pte Ltd. We hope to help young readers develop essential skills such as pattern recognition, logical reasoning and number sense, and a keen interest in Mathematics, not only for competitions, but also for future math related  studies.

Special Features

Each chapter begins with an Overview, followed by step-by-step worked Examples and Let’s Practice problems.

  • Demonstrate different methods
    in solving the same problem
  • Present detailed solution to
    practice problems
  • Large prints for easy reading
  • Interesting and non-routine
    problems (not necessarily difficult)

In everything, not only mathematics, practice makes perfect. The design of the book has taken children’s natural learning pattern into consideration. Being experienced in Olympiad training,
the authors have arranged the examples and practice problems with increasing difficulty. After introducing a concept, a few basic problems will follow to consolidate the concept before going into more complicated applications. This gives students a good mathematical standing for more advanced learning in the future.

Who is this book for?

Primary 3 and Primary 4 students

How to use this book?

This manual would be an excellent supplementary workbook to students who have been through Olympiad training with Math Arena. The practice problems could refresh their memories, sharpen their problem-solving skills and eventually advance their competition techniques to ace the actual

For students without Math Olympiad background, this is a most appropriate starting book.  We have made conscious effort to present clear and detailed explanations so that students can gain a good insight into the type of problems dealt with in the competition.  The design of the manual has made it accessible for those without Olympiad background. Thus, this is a good exposure book even for students who are not very keen on the actual competition.

Getting away from routine Syllabus math, this book presents interesting and fun-filled problems for young readers to explore. Thus, it is a great book to stimulate more interest in math and nurture the inquisitiveness of the mind. This, in fact, has more long-lasting impact to future math-related learning than a mere good result in the competition. Imagine how much joy we can get just by seeing our children simply enjoying the process of learning?


S$13 per copy

Interested parents please feel free to browse through our copy at the counter @ Math Arena or ask any of our staff for more information.


2 Responses to “Math Olympiad Competition Manual Book 2”

  1. Yuth Ahmad April 17, 2015 at 11:43 am #

    how can I order the book?

    • matharena April 18, 2015 at 10:29 am #

      You can come to our centre to purchase it.

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