The Year 2010 for Math Arena

5 Jan

Hello Readers,

We are now slightly more than a year old. The centre has grown steadily in student population. Personally for me, this makes the centre lively and full of interaction.

When we first started with small classes in Bedok, students were equally distributed for syllabus and olympiad math classes.  Then our olympiad math classes grew more rapidly… not surprisingly as the core strength of Maths Hub and ourselves is in olympiad math.

For most parents, even those whose children had gained direct school admissions, PSLE will ultimately be of concern. Interestingly, based on our 2010 blog statistics, articles and questions and solutions related to it are the most well read in our blog. Indeed the centre does run the A* classes for PSLE math.

The popularity of olympiad math classes is rather interesting, considering this being a niche interest, it must be a big niche. Many schools are including it in their enrichment classes. Hence our trainers are out in schools in the afternoon, conducting such classes.

Not quite incidentally, one of our students who was with us since we started out in Bedok, did very well in SMOPS and went on to top Tao Nan PSLE results and is ranked second in Singapore. She is non GEP. “So is it Nature or Nurture?” I asked her. “Nurture …” was her answer. This very accomplished young lady, including in non-academic work, is disciplined and focused. Hats off to her mother too who is committed and supportive of her…a most important role played behind the scene, as many mothers do.

For 2010 and certainly beyond, the most rewarding is to see our students improve and enjoy their learning. Keep it a journey for the children and for us adults too.

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