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PSLE — The Last Stretch

1 Aug

Last year, we started Math Arena in the middle of the year.  A few anxious parents brought their children to Math Arena, that is a bit of leap of faith … with us being so new and PSLE is the BIG exam. The parents were anxious because the children used to score well previously but suddenly there was a steep drop in scores as they moved up to P5 & 6 –not uncommon to hear that. This is worrying because the children  did well before.

Though we had only a short time to work together, the children did very well in their preliminary tests, our expectation became high and so did our anxiety. In the end we were happy and had a party.

This year we have students who started with us earlier, but we all need to keep focus — students, parents and us teachers to get the desired results.

Last Stretch Guys and Girls ….!