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PSLE Math – Problem sums that most P6 pupils stumble over

21 Aug


New for 2018. Notable questions have been added. This portal is more responsive and friendly to mobile devices. Here is its FAQ. We continue to see fantastic results when parent student pair up to use the portal.

Here is a video showing how to use learnbrill on a mobile phone :

Using on a Mobile Phone

Check out the new portal and sign up for its free course.

***A Secondary Math IP student from the very best school joined us, he said he learnt his math from and scored his A Star. That is very encouraging to us.

New for 2016. In, we have compiled over 2000 video solutions and we are still adding. The response from students have been fantastic. The methods used are fast and efficient. Each video is usually about 3 minutes plus. As a subscriber, you get priority when you asked us questions. We still want to help our non subscriber readers, but please make the effort to send to us your solution and we can help you from there. Better still –>You can join us a free member and start learning. Just added 30 June 2016 P4 Heuristics in the free section so you can start learning the fundamentals. Compare your solutions with bar model methods. Enjoy.

We have been monitoring the logins of students using This year we took notice of a Math Arena student logging in in the most. She was not the strongest and was behind her fellow classmate. We were amazed when we found out she scored full marks for 2016 SA1 and topped her school for math. Like Shruti (most frequent logins afor 2015), her improvement was tremendous.

I am a student from Math Arena and I feel the math arena is just the right place when you are unsure of a solution or when you do not how to answer a question. I especially like the new website that the tuition has created, Previously I was using a website called,”learnology” which is a website which provided me useful solutions. However I felt that the explanations in (now  were better. This is one of the reasons why matharena is my favorite tuition centre! I strongly encourage the use of this website as your A Star will come flying.


P6 Confidence 2015

Chongzheng Pri School

Inside the portal, we have P5 and P6 ebooks with hundreds of questions. Here is the content of the P6 ebooks (they are separated inside the portal for easy download). P6-learnbywatchingbook

New! Updated for 2015. Below are our free pdfs and videos to help you …

Hi Abi, Nat, and everyone else

(We first called out to Abi and Nat on 21 August 2010, and posted the solutions for them. This has since grown to help our readers with many parts now given in reverse order.)

Here are the questions and solutions. Please go through them. Click Here –>P6Coaching-Abi&Nat.pdf (Part 1)

Also check out in reverse order!

If you are not a Math Arena student, sign up with, you get priority from us helping you in your questions.

PSLE — The Last Stretch

1 Aug

Last year, we started Math Arena in the middle of the year.  A few anxious parents brought their children to Math Arena, that is a bit of leap of faith … with us being so new and PSLE is the BIG exam. The parents were anxious because the children used to score well previously but suddenly there was a steep drop in scores as they moved up to P5 & 6 –not uncommon to hear that. This is worrying because the children  did well before.

Though we had only a short time to work together, the children did very well in their preliminary tests, our expectation became high and so did our anxiety. In the end we were happy and had a party.

This year we have students who started with us earlier, but we all need to keep focus — students, parents and us teachers to get the desired results.

Last Stretch Guys and Girls ….!