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Gifted Math Kids

24 Jun

Gifted Math Kids do walk through our doors. They are bright eyed,  inquisitive and ever wanting to find more interesting things to learn.

So while there are times I am thinking what must be done to improve the math understanding of our children — having group meetings with our tutors to share and learn what are good practices in teaching — I have to think about what do we do with very bright kids in math.

Already a child in P2 is doing competition math at a higher level, and I sometimes do give him  P6 math challenging problems. Math is a game and a wonder for the child. Others I might push a grade higher, but some children are exceptional … beyond the norm.

Thankfully i do not have to think about this alone, i have others to speak to and one other is none other than our founder Michael Lim. While exceptional, there are others who are like the gifted child, exceptional but different in their own way.

I am going to find out more about a K2 child doing Sec 1 olympiad math in Maths Hub. So working in a community where we work with many bright kids, allow us as educators to compare and learn and do better.

I will continue this discussion a bit more …later.