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No Semester Exams for P1

29 May

From the straitstimes:

SIXTEEN schools have taken a massive step towards greater holistic learning by doing away with end-of-semester examinations for their Primary 1 pupils.

These prototype schools, comprising both neighbourhood ones as well as established names, use a variety of methods to gauge pupils’ progress that are more qualitative than just pure grades.

For years, many parents and pupils have complained about an education system which places too much emphasis on examinations, leaving young children snowed under by big exams. …..

At MathArena, play is important at the younger level when we teach math. I find that from learning foundational math skills in this way, some advance concepts actually become more evident to them. ie. Bringing the abstract to the concrete.

Book Exchange

22 May

Dear Pupils and Parents,

We have a book corner and it is for you to pick up a book to read while waiting.

We think it is a good idea for book exchange. I think it  is especially useful for the holidays.

Bring an interesting book that you think others might want to read and exchange it with another book you find.

There is no need to come to us for the exchange. It will be a system based on trust. So just make the exchange.

Missy Z Part 3

10 May

Sometimes I worry about this child and that child … in the end, there was no need for me to worry about Missy Z. She was determined and she was clever. It became clear to her that absorbing new techniques and understanding would improve her solving skill.

She came in for extra work and pushed hard.

In the end, I found her solving with high rate of accuracy and no longer using “guess and check” — that is a crutch that has to be let go.

Missy Z and many like her make my day.