Story of Missy Z — Part 1

27 Apr

From the beginning, Missy Z made it clear she was not going to use any method for problem solving except “Guess and Check.”

“This is the method my teachers and tutors have been teaching me all the time,” she said repeatedly in class.

I am no stickler for a particular method, as different methods bring about understanding. I have encountered quite a few children who were very proficient in “Guess and Check.” Although this method has its place, it provides limited understanding to the solution. Other children also came with their various solutions, some not too efficient or used with little understanding.

As the children begin to understand, they get inspired as they begin solving what they once thought were difficult questions. Then I give them more challenges… Inspired, they will soon learn and practice more outside of class. Afterall, they only have 2 hours with me each week. More Part 2…

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