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How are we doing?

2 Dec

Math Arena started on 15 June 2009. We started with 15 students. We did not advertise, it was through word of mouth (and email) that people knew we were starting in the east. We did use google ads a bit later, but that was all.

Michael Lim, the founder of Maths Hub, was not for the typical flyer distribution or newspaper ads. Let the teaching do the talking is more his style.

Parents who wanted to sign up with Maths Hub but found it too far from their home were the seeds of our growth. Neverthless, our growth here was to be underpinned by the strength of the delivery of the training and ultimately results.

We moved quickly from Bedok where we had one classroom, to Tampines in late October, with 5 classrooms.

For this November-December holiday classes, we have 50 plus students.

Indeed I am very encouraged to have parents referring more students to us. This helps, as  a lively class is fun and motivating to all.

Although it has only been a few months, I am happy that almost all students have done well and have improved much.  I must confess that this is a relief as I always worry at the end of the year. Much like a mother for her children 😉