Why Competition / Olympiad Math?

11 May

So why competition math? There seems to be an increasing interest in competition math and one can notice, in Singapore, the interest is very high amongst parents and in schools. The basic reason is, students who love math and excel in it seek challenges. Competition math helps them along that path. Enrollment in olympiad math competition has been growing steadily and lately rapidly.

Arguably, Singapore primary school math is no walk in the park … if you can excel in it … taking the next step in competition math seems quite logical for many. This keeps students interested in math rather than the endless drilling in syllabus math.

Interestingly, another observation is that, the “above average” student is being helped in competition math. Competition math can be fun. Taught by highly skilled trainers, it reinforces their understanding in mathematical concepts and motivates children to do better in their math.

For those who are new to competition math for primary schools, below are some of the more prominent competitions that students take part in :

Singapore Mathematical Oympiad for Primary Schools (SMOPS) — organised by Hwa Chong Institution

National Mathematical Olympiad of Singapore (NMOS) — organised by NUS High School

American Mathematics Contest (AMC)

Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC)

Gauss Mathematics Contest (GMC)

Check out the Competition Details. Check out the Winners.

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