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PSLE — Syllabus Math will count most

12 May

The whole 6 years of primary school life culminate with the Primary School Leaving Exam. For those who use Math to gain direct admission to Hwa Chong Institution or any others, competition math is certainly important. But for almost all, PSLE is the key concern.

Syllabus Math is the core mathematics to master for PSLE. At Math Arena, equal emphasis is placed on teaching Syllabus Math and our success will be in no small part, having our students do well in their school exams and ultimately in PSLE.

What’s the recipe for a conducive class for students to learn in? The crucial ingredient is the teacher. The sauce is the rapport — a 2 way street of interaction between the teacher and the students and it starts with the teacher. It is important for a child not to go to another place where he is being pressured to be a good student. That could happen in school or even in the home.

It is a given that our math teachers must possess superior knowledge with a toolbox of mathematical methods to impart to the class. Our up to date content is built up by a team of math teachers. The crucial component is to get the class motivated to learn and absorb.

Ultimately let’s get our children to enjoy the journey to learn math and acquire its knowledge. The good results come naturally after that. In the end, we should not be overly paranoid…. life is more than a single test or exam.

Why Competition / Olympiad Math?

11 May

So why competition math? There seems to be an increasing interest in competition math and one can notice, in Singapore, the interest is very high amongst parents and in schools. The basic reason is, students who love math and excel in it seek challenges. Competition math helps them along that path. Enrollment in olympiad math competition has been growing steadily and lately rapidly.

Arguably, Singapore primary school math is no walk in the park … if you can excel in it … taking the next step in competition math seems quite logical for many. This keeps students interested in math rather than the endless drilling in syllabus math.

Interestingly, another observation is that, the “above average” student is being helped in competition math. Competition math can be fun. Taught by highly skilled trainers, it reinforces their understanding in mathematical concepts and motivates children to do better in their math.

For those who are new to competition math for primary schools, below are some of the more prominent competitions that students take part in :

Singapore Mathematical Oympiad for Primary Schools (SMOPS) — organised by Hwa Chong Institution

National Mathematical Olympiad of Singapore (NMOS) — organised by NUS High School

American Mathematics Contest (AMC)

Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC)

Gauss Mathematics Contest (GMC)

Check out the Competition Details. Check out the Winners.